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food for thought :)

Not being able to run to my full potential right now... and the fact I've posted more recipes than 'run' entries on the blog lately... has me wondering whether I should turn it into a food blog instead of a run blog.

It's not like my passion for running doesn't exist anymore... I just can't do it like I used to. Which I continue to hope is just temporary :)  But my passion for food is starting to outweigh it ;)

Anyhoo... food for thought!


slow, but steady

As the months pass, it's easy to feel defeated about the fact I'm still not quite ready to train for another marathon. But I'm trying my hardest to accept small victories and keep waiting... and waiting...

I've been keeping my runs to 3km-5km for the most part, and have felt really good. I'm zipping up hills with no problem, and even amazing myself with short runs that are faster than ever. But sure enough, pushing one run to 8.5km just infuriated my angry little hamstring ;) Not sure if a return to the physiotherapist-- or a trip to the doctor-- is warranted; or whether my marathon days are over. I *really* don't want to accept the latter.

So while I figure it out, all I can do is run... but just for a little while :)


renewing the passion

A funny thing happened last month: an election campaign. 28 straight days of hard work from morning until night, few moments of downtime, and a healthy eating routine gone RIGHT out the window ;)

It was a blast-- the campaign anyway. Worked my tail off, and learned a lot. But it was also a good reminder of why we do the *healthy* things we do-- eat right, exercise, get enough sleep-- because these things make us FEEL good.

By campaign's end, I felt gross. I was underslept, with no exercise all month save for one short run or two, and felt like I was literally made of doughnut ;)  (there may have been a few Timbits consumed on a near-daily basis).

It made me treasure the time that I put into my workouts and meal prep-- because when that time's not there, your body and well-being suffer. A few weeks back in business, and I already feel amazing!

I've been hitting the gym again, and it feels good to weight train and build back muscle. Even just SWEATING feels so good ;)  I've been continuing with short runs, and really want to set a goal soon. I am chomping at the bit to do another marathon-- it's been more than a year! But I'm still feeling the odd flare-up in my hamstring and I'm not sure it can be done. So in the meantime, while I wait (not so patiently) to feel good enough to resume another grueling round of marathon training, I'll pursue other activities-- like tennis! And the gym! And maybe some yoga?

At any rate, it's good to feel inspired on the exercise front again. Hope you've got some fun summer exercise plans brewing yourselves!



*half* marathon dreamin' :)

Recovering from an injury is so hard sometimes. I'm running more often, usually between 3-6 kilometres each time. Most of the time the recovering hamstring feels pretty good, but every now and again (especially after some hills!) it's not so good. And this month marks a full year since my last marathon in Birch Bay, where I struggled to finish because of said injury.

But I'm keeping my eye on the Whistler Half Marathon in June. I signed up last year, but had to defer my entry because of the injury. I'm gunning for it!! I'm hoping the hamstring continues to get stronger so I can kill it in June. I feel like I'm turning a corner physically, but mentally it's been hard to accept that a full marathon hasn't been on the horizon for some time... and it might be awhile yet. But it's been a good lesson for a girl who struggles with patience :)

Happy running!



marathon dreamin'

Well, I'm still on the injured reserve... when it comes to running, anyway. I've gone to physio, and while my leg feels better doing pretty much EVERYTHING... the ONE activity that continues to be bothersome is running.

So what did I do? I got obsessed with something else instead... p90x ;)  It is INTENSE and it is AWESOME. I'm currently grunting and sweating my way through week 7 (of 12), and absolutely loving it. Stay tuned for a review.

But as much as I'm loving the p90x, marathons have been creeping into my mind of late... namely, how I miss doing them. And how MUCH I wanted to do the Goodlife Victoria Marathon next month. And how BADLY I wanted to complete my first 50k race this year.

I won't reach either of those goals this year, but once I'm done p90x in another 5 weeks, I'm going to hit up a new therapist who I HOPE can heal my leg for good and get me back on the path to marathon greatness!! ;)  Until then... I will keep growling at Tony Horton as he pushes me to do things I never thought possible! RAWR!

Be active,